All questions concerning an Employee, FMLA, MLOA, Job Opportunities and Requirements should be directed to Human Resources.
All requests concerning W2’s, W4’s, Annuities, Direct Deposits, Deduction Cancellations can be directed to Payroll.
All questions concerning Leave/Time input, Garnishments, Workman’s Compensation Pay Adjustments, Pay/Leave Deductions, Teacher’s Retirement, or Pay-off calculations can be directed to Payroll.

Who do I call if I have a question about?
School information - call the school office (attendance, grades, etc)

  • Transportation - 580-248-3255

  • Child Nutrition - 580-355-1150

Meet Our Team

Paula J. Diehl

Paula J. Diehl

Director of Payroll (Ext. 2080)

Jennifer Elizalde

Payroll Clerk (Ext. 2083)

Rosemarie Hill

Payroll Clerk (Ext. 2082)

Mary Fountain

Payroll Clerk