The new T-Mobile designed an Employee Discount Program for a very narrow audience: employees of Public Education and Government, for their personal needs (and their families)

This program does not require a contract, there are no strings attached, it is sort of an extra benefit for the employees and their families to enjoy.

It consists of:

  • The discounted, tiered rate plans.
  • Free Premium features. Here are the most popular ones:
    • All taxes and fees INCLUDED
    • Unlimited talk, text, & data on our nationwide network
    • 40GB 4G LTE mobile hotspot
    • Netflix ON US on the 1st Line!  (Basic)  Netflix (Standard) remains on 2+ Lines
  • Device Freedom: we buy out the existing contracts for up to $650 per line or even allow employees to bring their own devices to us and if they are under the contract, we will buy them out for up to $450 per line.
  • Natalya Kasha as a POC for all of the employees to reach out with questions, bill analysis, escalation requests, feedback.
  • Events. T-Mobile joins School Districts for Teacher Appreciation events, New Hire Orientation, Convocation, Benefit/Vendor Fairs with giveaways, raffle prizes, special offers and lots of fun.